Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brain Breaks

Rand Payton, the PE teacher from Greystone Elementary, shared a site with his faculty called  After creating a free account, teachers can play five minute videos to get their kids up and moving.  Teachers can play the videos on their projector and use the website with their whole class.  

Mr. Payton says, "It is a brain breaks website incorporating physical activity and classroom concepts. Each brain break is hosted by an ex-Olympian and lasts about 3-5 minutes. The students can choose which character they want at the first, and the character grows bigger muscles the more brain breaks the teachers use."

We have all had those days when our students just need a quick way to get out their energy during class!

The modules descriptions from the website are below:
  • Airtime- Propel your bubble across the United States by practicing 8 deep abdominal breathing. Earn postcards from 102 unique locations as you journey through each state, landing each time in a new loaction — and a calmer, more focused classroom.
  • Run With Us- Let a real US Olympian coach your class to the gold medal and introduce vigorous, attention-focusing exercise into your classroom. You'll train and race your way to the world championship in your chosen event, earning medals along the way!
  • To the Maximo-Let Maximo - the most suave of stretching instructors - lead your class in some unique stress-reducing stretching exercises. Complete enough routines to reveal hidden pictures on the game board.
  • Boogie Down-Help students release some energy by getting some dance instruction from Clucky McFeathers -- the funkiest dancing chicken around! Complete a dance routine to see what Clucky has hidden behind the game board.

Thanks, Mr. Payton!  Great suggestion!

On that same note, here is a Symbaloo with several bookmarks of short "Just Dance" videos you could use in your classroom:

Want to try it out in your classroom?  Take a picture of your class (not showing faces or make sure media releases are signed).  I'd love to post it here!

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