Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Games to Teach Empathy

I have subscribed to Common Sense Media's Education website called Graphite.  I received an email with a review Graphite did on 4 games that teach empathy.  You can read that article here.  It highlighted 4 total websites, but one of the websites really caught my attention.

The website,, is a fun, interactive game for students in grades K-2 that focuses on "social, communication, and problem-solving skills that promote conflict resolution through negotiation, compromise, cooperation, and reconciliation." (quote from the creators of the page)  When the game begins it asks for some demographic information such as gender and age.  The students do NOT have to put in this information to play.  They should just click "don't submit and play game".  The graphics are colorful and everything is narrated for younger students.  The students travel through the map of the school campus where they watch a video of a situation happening between two characters.  The students are then given a few choices of how one of the characters could react.  Based on the answer, the story continues and the students see the result of the choice combined with advice from a narrator.

Bottom Line:

  • A great way to begin the conversation of empathy in an engaging and age-appropriate way!  

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