Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hour of Code

Jill Westerlund, a teacher at Hoover High School, recently talked to the tech coaches about the Hour of Code coming up December 9-15.  You can check out to sign your class up and out a few different activities.  The video below talks about why coding is so important for our young children.  I personally love teaching coding to kids because of the problem-solving involved.  I love that the kids must make mistakes in order to learn.

 To be honest, I was at first hesitant because of my lack of knowledge of coding but I decided to let that go and learn along with the students.  They never fail to amaze me around technology.  There are many tools, games, and apps on to try for all ages and ability levels.  There are even some that don't  require a computer!  Because I'm typically only in a lab setting for about 40 minutes I have had the most success with this game.  The kids love it because they love Angry Birds but also because it gradually gets harder and even has video hints.  I've attached this link to the Computer Lab Home Page under Project Wikis and then under Hour of Code.  Let me know if you try it with your class!

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