Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Flubaroo & Slide Speech from GAFE Summit | 2014

A few months ago, I submitted a couple of ideas for the Google in Education Southern Summit.  This is the second summit of it's kind at The Lovett School.  I was fortunate enough to have attended the first, back in September of 2012.  The original summit was the first time I realized how many of Google's products I wasn't using to fidelity.  It was my first experience with a Chromebook and the first time I introduced to the idea of creating your own Google Map for the purpose of instruction.  That conference also presented the idea of using Google Apps for Education as an LMS.


This year, I presented on two tools that can be used with Google products.  The first was Flubaroo. This is a script that enables a multiple choice assessment created using Google Forms to grade itself.  A very usinful tool indeed.  The presentation I used is embedded below.  It is filled with videos and links that will help answer any questions you may have about using this script.

Slide Speech

The other tool I presented on was Slide Speech.  This tool enables a presentation to have a voice... literally.  Simply type what you want each slide to say in the Speaker Notes section of the slide, and Slide Speech will read it for you and automatically advance to the next slide.  John Graves, Slide Speech's creator, joined me via Google+ Hangout and spoke with the participants of the session about the features of Slide Speech and answered questions live from his home in New Zealand.  Click here to see the sample Slide Speech he shared during the session and watch the entire presentation below.

There were several other useful sessions each day of the two day conference facilitated by Google Certified Trainers, Teachers and Vendors that provided great ways to integrate the tools in Google Apps for Education Suite in your teaching practice.  The best way to keep up with the GAFE Summit happenings throughout the year is to check their website (http://www.gafesummit.com/) and to follow the hashtag #GAFESummit on Twitter.

Google Glass

Daniel Rivera lead a session on using Google Glass.  Here's a short clip of my first time with the device.  

YouTube Options

If you use YouTube in the classroom and want to get rid of all of the suggested videos and comments surrounding the video you want to show,  simply install YouTube Options.  This Chrome Extension that allows you to only show the video you want to show.

TechSmith Snagit

TechSmith showed off Snagit which is a free tool that can be found as a Chrome Application and Extension.  (Be sure to install both before attempting to use this tool.)  This makes creating screen shots a snap.  Once correctly installed, you will be able to make simple annotations, add a few arrows and shapes and locate all your screenshots easily in your Google Drive account in a TechSmith Folder.


One of my favorite tools shown by a vendor this year was Synergyse.  This is Google Apps training made easy.  It costs $10 per year and is free for students to use. (Check the details at the website about accessing free student accounts.)  Check out the video below to see this service in action.

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