Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guest Blogger / Hour of Code

I asked a class that was participating in the Hour of Code to share with us what they liked. Enjoy this post by Shelby, a third grade student in Mrs. Carns' class.  

I would love to see other guest bloggers! I can't think of a better way to emphasize writing for an authentic audience. Interested? Let me know!

By Shelby

Coding is like making your own game. You can program your character to do all sorts of things. Coding is awesome! If you never tried it you should. You don’t have to want to be a computer expert to do it. You could still do it if you wanted to be a football player. I learned that coding is very important in life. My favorite part was when I completed the level. Mrs.Carns’ class is participating in a hour of code. There were videos to watch and then activities to do. It’s a great activity if you are a beginner in coding.     

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