Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Google Forms and BatchGeo

If you haven't checked out Tammy Worcester's website, you should!  I went to one of her sessions last year at ISTE and really came away with a lot of great tips!  As I was browsing for teaching ideas, I came across one of her lessons that involved using a Google form to collect information on important locations from a class.  Using the resulting spreadsheet and a website called batchgeo.com, the teacher is able to collect information and then map the resulting cities and states.  See the direct link for the lesson plan here:  http://tammyworcester.com/batchgeo/

I decided to try it out with a classroom at Green Valley this week.  Luckily Mrs. Giles, a third grade teacher, was willing to play with me.  I asked the children to brainstorm a list of important places to them and gave them a few examples from my own life. For each place I moved, I entered in the information into the form pictured below.  The students did the same but they added places where their parents were born and where they liked to vacation.

Using the forms resulting data, I went to batchgeo.com, entered the data in by simply copying and pasting, and voila! our map was created!  When you hover over the live map the information such as the child's name and why the place is important is displayed.

It would be so cool to see what the map would look like for an entire school!  What if you had a live form on your website and people who visited filled out the form?

What types of uses could you see for the classroom?

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