Monday, April 28, 2014

EdCamp Birmingham

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to EdCamp Birmingham.  Every single session was fantastic!  I walked away with so many thoughts and ideas!

My first session was led by Tom Murray (@thomascmurray) and was a discussion on what makes good PD. We brainstormed a list of characteristics of ineffective and effective PD and developed a plan on how to implement in our schools.  I learned about several resources I want to look into further including free webinars at: Simple K-12, Utah Education Network, and  Twitter chats were also discussed as a great way to connect with other professionals around the world.  You can check out Jerry Blumengarten's webpage, Cybraryman, for a complete listing of chat sessions.

The next session was my favorite, on Minecraft.  It was a casual chat with other educators who had started a Minecraft club or used it with their classroom students.  I really want to learn more about Minecraft and look into getting a server in one of the schools to play with.  Anyone try it in their classroom?  I'd LOVE to hear from you!  There was a teacher from Huntsville in the sessions that we all got to learn from.  She has a 5th grade classroom which she teaches through games.  I got a list of games that I want to explore.

Amanda Stone from Trace Crossings presented on the Maker Movement.  She showed us some of the tools her school is trying out including Makey, Makey and Little Bits.  Check out a video about Makey, Makey below:

Have you ever been to an EdCamp?  If not, I highly suggest it.  It's quailty, FREE professional development. The next local EdCamp will be in Birmingham:

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