Friday, September 25, 2015

2nd Grade Rock Stars!

The second grade teachers that serve as school tech facilitators got together to share and collaborate. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rubrics with Google Sheets and Forms

Another Darroch goodie :)

Tech Tip

Google Sheets Add-on

When using a rubric for grading projects, I often wondered if there was an easier way. I would have a stack of printed rubrics, and shuffled those around with me until all projects were graded. Now that I am out of the classroom, I have discovered a Google Sheets Add-on that solves the problem and makes a teacher's life easier. Online Rubric is a Google Sheet add-on that enables you to create rubrics, enter scores, and email scores to parents all from one place.

To add Online Rubric simply,
1. Go to Google Sheets
2. Select Add-ons
3. Search and select Online Rubrics
4. Add

Apps and Common Core

Karen Darroch shared this in her weekly newsletter. Thought you might be interested:

Check This Out!

Selecting the perfect app for your classroom can be overwhelming. Below is a link to a website which suggests apps by grade level, subject, and common core standard.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cool Things You Can Do with Sheets

Two cool tools I'd like to share about Google Forms and Sheets....

1) Melanie Haynes shared with us the new feature in Google Sheets called Explore.  Check out this video. If you send out a survey to your students on their interests, you can quickly look at the resulting data. I used the Explore feature to analyze the data collected from your beginning of the year survey.

2) Another cool tool is a Google Add-on called RowCall. Ever do a survey and want a separate tab for each child?  This tool will do it!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dot Day and Quiver app

Blue Horn, art teacher at Greystone, recently shared a really fun iPad app called Quiver. International Dot Day happened on September 15th, but don't worry- you can celebrate Dot Day any day! Dot Day is based on the book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It's a great book which follows a young child and her ability to see beauty from a dot. Check out a webpage about Dot Day here:

With, you can download a dot color sheet the kids can use to create their own beautiful dot. After downloading the free Quiver app, a student can scan their dot and it will come alive. Check out this video Blue made.

Time to Share!

What are some of your favorite apps and how do you use them in the classroom? Please add your favorites to create a resource for all K-5 teachers. There is a tab for Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Creative. Select the link below and share!

Sara's Schedule for 9/21-10/2

Monday, 9/21- Discovery Edu Training
Tuesday, 9/22- TCES Team Meetings / GVES
Wednesday, 9/23- TCES Team Meetings / RES
Thursday, 9/24- TCES Team Meetings / TCES
Friday, 9/25- Tech Team Meeting

Monday 9/28-Wednesday, 9/30  Conference
Thursday, 10/1-Friday, 10/2   RES STEAM Lab opening

Monday, October 5   Resume normal schedule with RES Team Meetings

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Upcoming PD

The last after-school PD opportunity was such a success, we are adding more!  Please see this flyer about two upcoming opportunities to learn about Google Sites and the Epson Interactive Board.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Seesaw App

Sally Shackelford, 2nd grade at Trace Crossings Elementary, shared a great app with me recently. It's Seesaw, a digital portfolio tool which can be used with any age but will be of particular interest to K-2 because of the ease of use with the iPad.

Check out this video of Sally telling us about the app.  

Here is a description of the app from the company:
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school.

Easily Capture Student Learning in Any Form
∙ Students can use photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links to show what they know. 
∙ When students add to their Seesaw journal, content is uploaded, organized by student, and immediately accessible to teachers from any device.
∙ Teachers can browse work from the entire class or for a single student.  Optionally, use folders to organize work by subject area or project.
∙ Teachers can flag items for follow up or to review at parent-teacher conferences.

Sign In Options that Work for All Ages
∙ Younger learners or classrooms with shared devices can sign in with a QR code.  Older students can sign in with their existing Google Account.
Encourage Reflection and Provide an Authentic Audience
∙ Seesaw helps capture the learning process not just the end result.  Students can use Seesaw’s built-in audio recording and drawing tools to reflect on what they’ve learned or explain how they got their answer.
∙ Seesaw gives students an authentic audience of their peers and parents, encouraging better work and real feedback. Teachers can control who can see what, and what feedback options are available, such as likes and comments.
Strengthen Connections Between School and Home
∙ Include families in the learning process by inviting them to view updates to their child’s Seesaw journal. Seesaw’s immediate, visual updates actually get seen by parents, provide encouragement for students, and cross language barriers.
∙ Teachers approve all new additions and comments before anything is shared with parents.

Teacher Resource Center 
∙ Getting started tips, professional development resources, FAQ.
∙ More than 30 Common Core aligned activity ideas.
∙ Personalized customer support if you need help.

Note:  It's important to remember anytime you create a login for a child, you must have parent permission. You can view Seesaw's privacy policy here.  Also remember to discuss with the students what they can and cannot share online. Only the parents who you share the link with will be able to access the portfolio which makes this a great, safe app for young children.

Ways to Enhance Google Slides

Ways to Enhance Google Slides (Thanks Jamie Nutter for this information!)
  • How to organize research with Google Slides
  • How to create an eBook with Google Slides
  • Friday Information 9/3/15

    Useful Information:
    • Locking computers: Make sure to lock your computer when you walk away from it to protect any sensitive information.  To do so, click the windows button on your keyboard and L.  You will be asked to type in your password to unlock it.
    • Help! Where are those instructions for ___? : As a reminder, you can find the Beginning of the Year Information here.
      • Information includes: how to find logins, getting started with Typing Club, and many other useful tidbits.
    • Polka Dot page: A shortcut for the computer lab home page is:  The lab home page from last year has been moved over to our new domain.  Some of the kids who had the old page bookmarked will need to add a new bookmark.  You can tell if it’s the old page because there is a sunshine on the top right-hand corner.  The new page has Typing Club in its place.
    • Shortcuts for Icons: Would you like to have handy icons on your PC’s taskbar for Google Drive, Calendar, and Gmail?  Here are the instructions. (Also found on Teacher tab- Tutorials and How To’s- Gmail.)
    • Pearson Successnet-  Remember K-2 teachers, we have access to some great, already-made, interactive board resources through Pearson Successnet.  To get started visit Teacher tab- Tutorials and How To’s - Pearson Successnet OR ask your math coach OR ask me!
    • Voice feature in Google- New feature that allows users to speak into a microphone and it will type the text.
      • 1. Open a Google doc
      • 2, Click "Tools" menu
      • 3. Select Voice Typing from drop down and that's it*
      • *You need to be on a Chromebook OR have a mic hooked up to your desktop for this to work.
      • This is going to benefit so many of our kids!
    • Team meetings for Sept- Your tech facilitator will be discussing the SAMR model. I'll be tagging along for support.
    • Dates are:
    • GVES 9/7-9/11
    • RES (postponed until) 10/6-10/8
    • TCES 9/22-9/24
    • Do you have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark beside your name when you are signed in to Chrome?  That means you are still signed in to Chrome with your account. To fix this, follow these instructions. (Also found on Teacher tab- Tutorials and How To’s- Chrome.)
    • If you haven't already, please take a minute to fill out this survey for all teachers and staff. This will help me create goals and PD opportunities for the year.
    Upcoming PD Opportunities:
    • Google Sites- Round 2 (all levels welcomed), October 6, 3:15-4:15, Old Berry Library.  STI-PD number will be released soon.
    Fun Extras:
    • Great tip from a teacher in the district: Isn't it frustrating to have to "wake" your Chromebox so often? Go to the chrome web store download the Keep Awake extension. It keeps your Chromebox on until you turn off the extension with just a click! 
    • How to insert a bookmark in a Google Doc (your Frequently Asked Questions has this feature) WONDERFUL