Thursday, October 1, 2015

Google Classroom Extension Added

Jeff Richardson shared with his schools and thought you could benefit too.

Here's a quick video explanation of the Share to Classroom extension. It's been pushed to all of your chrome browsers* as well as your students' chromebooks. It allows you to quickly PUSH websites to your kids (open tabs for them like Hapara does) & create announcements/assignments related to a specific website without ever opening classroom. 

Check it out for yourself:

Inline image 1

*If you don't see the extension, it's most likely that you are signed into Chrome with your hcs-students account. Look up at the top right corner of your browser where you should see your name or something showing you are signed in as you see here.
 Inline image 2
If there is a small yellow triangle in the box with an !, then you are not correctly signed into chrome. Click that box with the yellow triangle, choose "Switch Person" and in the next box, you will see a box with that user info in it. Mouse over it, click the triangle that will show up in the top right corner of the little user card and select "Remove this person" and then sign back into Chrome with your @hoover.k12 credentials. You should then see the Share to Classroom Extension. 

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