Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Veteran's Day and Technology

Last Tuesday I was asked to help out with a special surprise for one child at Riverchase. Every year Riverchase has a big assembly to celebrate veterans and what they do for our country. Each grade level prepares something to contribute including poetry, art work, and research on the different branches. Mrs. Tanner, the counselor at Riverchase, wanted the program to include a veteran to share with the students. As a surprise she arranged an overseas service man to call during the program using Google Hangouts. The serviceman, Lt. Rutland, currently stationed in Cuba has two children at Riverchase. As a surprise Mrs. Tanner asked fifth grade child to interview an overseas serviceman but did not tell him it would be his dad. Parker did a great job asking many questions about what it is like to be a serviceman and having to serve in Cuba away from his family.

Technology at its best - connecting us to places and people from around the world.

Maker's Studio at TCES

I was visiting a fourth grade classroom at Trace today and ran into a great kid named William. William and his friend Angel were researching how to create a synthesizer with Little Bits in after-school care. With the help of Dana Joyner, Trace's STEAM Facilitator, William and Angel created a speaker system for a mini iPad. He was willing to demonstrate how loud it amplified with the Whip and Nae Nae. He was can amplify pretty loudly! :)  

I was very impressed because this project was something William had a passion for-music- and was able to make it come to fruition with the Maker's Studio. Mrs. Joyner wasn't in the studio when he took me down to see his creation, and you could tell he knew the studio was there for him. A piece was missing from his creation, and he went over to the extra pieces, carefully looked around to find what he needed, and returned it to the proper place when he was done. 

Way to go, Trace & Mrs. Joyner! I can't wait to see what William and the many other Trace kids make next!

From K. Darroch's Newsletter: 

Hour of Code Is Coming!

Hour of Code week is coming up December 7-13. This year the Hoover City Schools Foundation is sponsoring Hour of Code by providing iCode stickers to every student who completes Hour of Code. If you haven't already, please click the link below and sign up your classroom. added two fun coding activities centered around Minecraft and Star Wars. This will be exciting for your students! 

Thank you Hoover City Schools Foundation for your support!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PollEverywhere and Google Slides Join Up

PollEverywhere is a tool many teachers have used in the past to quickly assess what their students understand. Now it can be added directly into a Google Slide (as an extension) so teachers can quickly poll students while presenting using Slides! Download and check it out! you will have enable the lab for it to work: everyone will have to enable the lab for it to work:

Polling in Google Slides Extension
Poll Everywhere Website
Information about Google Slides polling - create and embed live polls

Explain Everything - Simple Interface for Younger Students

Carol McLaughlin, 2nd grade GSES, shared this:

If you think Explain Everything is too overwhelming for your class, you can change it to a simple interface to simplify the options. This makes it as easy as Educreations but keeps the features I love like being able to save in progress and being able to rerecord.  

Saw this on twitter and thought some might like it. 
Inline image 1

Thursday, November 12, 2015

SAMR with Examples

Kelli Lane shared this recently with the tech coaches. Great examples of SAMR integration!

Sharing a Doc to Automatically Copy and Spreadsheet Formulas

Great advice from Jamie Nutter!!!

Use the following “trick” to easily share the spreadsheets, Docs, and Slides
Overview of Trick:
  1. Create a Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides document.
  2. Share the document.
  3. Get the “shareable” link (URL).
  4. Within the link, change the word “edit” to “copy”.
  5. When you share the “new” URL, it “forces” students to make a copy!

Google Spreadsheet Trick
Google forms are fabulous for gathering information, but sometimes, the data in the spreadsheet can be difficult to view. In this post, I’ll share a simple-to-implement formula that will make it much easier to deal with (and even print) form-fed data!

 The Original Data:
When you collect data into a Google spreadsheet from a form, it will look something like this:
If you have a large amount of questions (and especially if some of them are essay questions), it requires a lot of side-to-side scrolling to view the data.

Transpose Formula to the Rescue!
By using the “Transpose” formula, you can easily make the data look like this:
Notice that the information is now vertical instead of horizontal, making it much easier to view individual responses.

How to do it:
Transpose FormulaChanges data from rows to columns
  1. Create a new sheet.
  2. Enter the following formula in cell A1 of Sheet2:
    Note: Adjust A:H to the desired range of columns. If you don’t want the timestamp to show, enter B:H.
  3. Press the enter key and watch the data fill the sheet!
Jamie Nutter
Hoover City Schools
Technology Integration Coach