Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maker's Studio at TCES

I was visiting a fourth grade classroom at Trace today and ran into a great kid named William. William and his friend Angel were researching how to create a synthesizer with Little Bits in after-school care. With the help of Dana Joyner, Trace's STEAM Facilitator, William and Angel created a speaker system for a mini iPad. He was willing to demonstrate how loud it amplified with the Whip and Nae Nae. He was can amplify pretty loudly! :)  

I was very impressed because this project was something William had a passion for-music- and was able to make it come to fruition with the Maker's Studio. Mrs. Joyner wasn't in the studio when he took me down to see his creation, and you could tell he knew the studio was there for him. A piece was missing from his creation, and he went over to the extra pieces, carefully looked around to find what he needed, and returned it to the proper place when he was done. 

Way to go, Trace & Mrs. Joyner! I can't wait to see what William and the many other Trace kids make next!

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